Calling al yogis - im new to yoga this year and loving it however i cant seem to work out the breathing.. Some say in and out of the nose, others like madeline in the nose and out the mouth...can anyone clear it up for me?

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about 4 years

The in and out through the nose breath is called Ujjayi breathing and sounds a bit like The ocean (I think it's more like Darth Vader personally) 😂 it supposedly builds internal body heat and increases your oxygenation. It's really tough to keep going for a long time especially if you're a beginner or you're doing intense practice. I find it a real effort to keep going sometimes and have to concentrate so hard!! I would just do what you are comfortable with as that's when you'll be most relaxed and get the most benefit ☺️

about 4 years

Ok thanks!

about 4 years

In nose and out mouth is what we do. Don't stress about it too much though as eventually it happens. Xx

about 4 years

I go to a yoga class and the teacher says we should breath in through the nose and out of the mouth x