I've decided to do week 2 again as various reasons have made it very difficult for me to follow the plan and work out this week. I've generally followed the the Glow principles (and have lost a kilo since starting 😁) but I just don't feel like I've done week2 justice at all so week 2 take 2 here I go! 💪🏼 Anyone else repeated a week where it hasn't gone to plan? Xx

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over 4 years

Thanks al❤️ in going for it, week 2 is being done again and this time j am going to smash it ☺️

over 4 years

Did week 1 twice because I originally started the plan on a Tuesday and felt frustrated 🤓

over 4 years

I'm starting again next week but have done the 8 xx

over 4 years

There are days were I have struggled to follow the plan. I make sure I still eat healthy. I thought about repeating the week but then decided to keep going & repeat the whole program again from the start when I finish the 8 weeks. 😘