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Technically on Week 9 and I'm being brave by mixing it up!! This has been such an incredible journey. Here's to being Glow Girls (and Guys) FOR LIFE. Thank you Madeleine xx 💗

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

This is amazing babe, so proud!!!! Xxxx

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over 2 years

Awesome!! Do you restart week 1 workout or keep going with the last weeks?

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Glow Girl NW Leah
over 2 years

Brilliant! Me and my friend have talked about devising our own plan for week 9 +
Good luck xx

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over 2 years

Thanks lovely ladies! Trying to be organised 😊xxx

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over 2 years

Love it @missdomm 🤓

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over 2 years

Gosh that is organised. Must take a leaf from your book 👍