I got over one cold and got another one the next day. I am so sick of feeling ill, and I am literally STARVING the whole time. I'm trying to eat clean but am away with work so limited control, and as a result I feel sluggish, big and unfit. The only glow I have is coming from my bright red nose. One week till my holiday so hoping to just dose up, maybe - shock horror- take a couple of days of work, eat lots of soup and just get well. Any top tips for a speedy recovery?

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over 4 years

My hubby is the same, cold after cold. I think a really good rest is the key, plus healthy food, and lots of hot tea with lemon, also ginger is great! Hope you feel better soon! Xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Sorry to hear you're poorly babe, that's never fun at all!! Take some time to recover especially before a holiday you want to be on top form! Lemon and ginger is great, and soups are fabulous as they're easy on digestion and super nourishing!! Definitely take some time for you and get your glow back xxxx