I've completed the 8 weeks and feel fantastic, I have a recipe I want to try using yogurt, can any one tell me what is the best yogurt to be eating ? As there was no yogurt on the 8 weeks plan so not sure weather to use plant based, full fat or low fat #confusing ??

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over 4 years

I've been using the alpro coconut yogurt ??? Any good

over 4 years

I'd go for Greek yoghurt. Fage is a good option, and not the low fat one! X

over 4 years

Low fat usually hides the fact that you have tons of other bad things in the yoghurt ! Plain Greek yoghurt should do the trick, it's good fat as long as you use good quality products :)

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous girl - I love coconut yoghurt but raw organic good quality dairy is great too! I hope that helps xx