Poor you. Having suffered many many years I found cognitive behavioural therapy helped me massively. P5p is also a good supplement depending on how bad it is . A lot of anxiety is just a case of changing your mind set which is easier said than done but cbt is really good for this.
Do you know what brought it on? Has it been going on a long while. I take a really low dose of citalopram now as I decided against my belief that antidepressants are bad that it just balances the chemical balance and makes me feel more like me. I would seek some help lovely as it can become so consuming that you just can't see a way forward.

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over 4 years


over 4 years

I would try cbt for sure. If you can afford to pay do because Nhs waiting list is very long. I also think that if you contact MIND they can book you in with a donation.
I really flared up with anxiety a year after loosing my dad. I thought I was dying one day as my heart just went crazy. Remember it is just a feeling and it will pass and nothing terrible is going to happen. You are not having a heart attack. You can breath even if you feel you can't.
I really feel for you. I gave up caffeine, cigarettes and took up yoga and all helped loads. If you want anymore help feel free to pm me. Good luck xxx

over 4 years

thank you I'm so very grateful. I recently went to my GP and he gave me a prescription for anti depressents and put me on a waiting list for counselling however I haven't took any of the meds. I've just been trying lavender oil and rescue remedy however the last few nights have been agonising and today in work my heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest all day. A family death unfortunately I've only been a sufferer from it for the past few months. it's horrible it feels like your on a scary roller coaster. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it XXXX