Anyone have any tips for helping a trapped sciatic nerve? After a day of digging in the garden it's well and truely stuck! Xx

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Jo Round
over 4 years

Try standing against a wall with a tennis ball on the area causing the most pain and gently push against the ball .... might be painful to start but it does relieve the pain x x

Kathryn Jane Richards
over 4 years

I agree pincess! Lots snd lots of ice! I suffer with that too and see a sports massage therapist once a month!
However there a loads of yoga moves you can do to stretch it out - the ones in the Sunday Stretch are really helpful! X

over 4 years

Ouch! Anti inflamatories are really good like ibuprofen if you can tolerate them. Ice the area 15 mins 2x a day. Ice is better than heat. Other than that if you can see a physio or deep tissue masseur it helps but time with above is basically the treatment xxx