Hi Everyone! I am so excited to start on Sunday! I have some issues when I eat oatmeal and porridge frequently due to some immune issues... Anyone else? I am thinking of swapping some chia pudding with some banana for some of the overnight oats days... Thoughts?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous girl!! Yes buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth are all great or substitute for some eggs or avocado on toast xxxx

over 4 years

Hiya I think it would be fine to swap. The quinoa porridge is quite nice too 👍

over 4 years

Great idea!! Thanks!

Fluffley, you will feel so much better in a few weeks with the sugar decrease! I promise! Even the rice milk will start to seem sweet! It is incredible how quickly you will see shifts and feel better, more energized in a steady way, and sleep better! Just take it a day at a time :)

over 4 years

How about using buckwheat groats instead of oats I absolutely love buckwheat porridge. Soak them in coconut milk over night the gently cook on stove in morning with some cinnamon , blueberries or fruit of your choice and then top with but butter. I'm craving them now so much just because of writing this lol . Might go and make some now as a night snack 😍

over 4 years

Hi, sorry I can't answer your question but just wanted to say I'm starting on Sunday too, very excited although a bit nervous too about making the break from sugar mostly. X