Hello glow girls - how much is it normal to fluctuate weight wise day to day? I seem to be able to be up to 1-1.5kg different from one day to the next! Crazy! Is this just due to water retention? Xx

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over 4 years

So relieved to see this! It's nice knowing I'm not the only one this happens to.

over 4 years

Hi Liv, I'm the same as Pincess. Weight fluctuates a few pounds a day. No idea why! As long as you feel good then best not to worry too much 😊

over 4 years

My weight can fluctuate by about 5 lbs day to day. Xx

over 4 years

There are several things that cause this, happens to me as well. Water can have an effect on it, also different body cycles such as time of month also contribute.