In need of glowspiraration ladies. Finally feeling better but found out my much anticipated knee op ain't gonna happen. So my plans for running and squatting are out the window, and I have to work all weekend. Thank the Lord for turmeric milk which was uber comforting this morning!! Off on holiday in 5 days, hoping to just make it as healthy as possible then dive straight back into glow guides headfirst on my return. What are have been your biggest benefits that I can keep in mind on hols to keep me focussed?? X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Hey gorgeous girl, sorry to hear that yes try yoga and softer more gentle exercises and that will still keep you active xxxx

over 3 years

I can totally understand how frustrated you must be. I love my running. Try swimming or yoga. As long as you mention your injury to the instructor you should be fine. I love clubbercise and this can be adapted to low impact- with glow sticks X have a fun holiday and enjoy trying new foods x

over 3 years

I barely followed the exercise plan (I do a PT session once a week) but my changes have come from eating differently. More energy, calmer stomach, feeling satisfied instead of bloated. Cutting out certain foods is a big factor. Keep going, there will be ways you can modify your exercise that means it is still good for you! 🌞🌞🌞

over 3 years

Poor you. It's tough when you hear stuff like that but you have to think of other ways to glow. I can't run anymore due to a reconstructed Achilles but I cycle and love yoga and walking. This plan has changed my whole attitude to myself and life. It's so worth it. I feel rubbish if I eat to much off plan and I think a lot of it is psychological as well as physical because eating clean just makes me feel as though I am in control of myself and my health.
Have an amazing holiday. Enjoy and reflect on the way forward exercise wise. Swimming will be good too. You are doing amazing 💛💚💛💚💛