I haven't been on here much but have just been finishing my executive coaching course whilst juggling work and kids. Thank you glow guides because towards the end I was burning out and the plan really helped me to stay calm and healthy for the final assessments. It has not been easy whilst studying with two children and working ....but I am so proud because I have just found out that I passed and it is a merit from the assessment day!! Now just to build a business from scratch... But am feeling positive- body feels good and also had some great feedback from my assessment day. It has felt like climbing Everest.... So this is me at the summit taking a little moment to enjoy the view!

"You have created a compelling model which is also very much of you; you turn up... and there’s your model, the type of alignment of which I’m a great fan.Your passion, engagement and enthusiasm are powerful and infectious resources for you as a coach. You embody a desire to learn which palpably supports your work with clients in their learning. Components of that are curiosity and care for your clients, both excellent attitudes to bring into your work.You appear to know yourself well, which is a prerequisite of this work and again models this for your clients.
You have an excellent model which is not far off being distinctive and as you grow into your coaching, that could follow a similar trajectory."

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

This is so amazing!! Congratulations gorgeous girl!! Well done you xxxx

over 4 years

Wow!! Congratulations you. Well done 👏👏👏