Super delicious breakkie again this morning, so good! And I actually managed to make decent poached eggs, I love them but in the kitchen they are my nemesis and never turn out....until today!! 🙌🏻🎉 Quick question for all the glow girls and guys out there. I'm a bit unsure about the amounts of oil when cooking. Are you guys using regular teaspoons and tablespoons (ie cutlery) to measure out oil? Or do you use those measuring spoons that measure out a whole/half/quarter tea or table spoon? I've been using the latter but sometimes it seems like a lot of oil to me. Any thoughts?! Thanks! 😊

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over 4 years

Thanks for your own responses everyone, very helpful 😊

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Using cutlery or measuring spoons is fine babe xxxx

over 4 years

I don't tend to measure avo oil for sautéing or roasting things - I drizzle it in the pan or on the food til I think it's approximately right! Tend to measure out coconut & olive oil for recipes and dressings etc though xx

over 4 years

Like you I just use my eye as to quarter or half a teaspoon, then 3 teaspoons are a tablespoon - remember that fat is no longer the enemy - if Maddie puts it in we must need it.

over 4 years

They look lovely 💚. I just use what I need. Xx