overnight oats for the first time. how refreshing and a real wake up to the taste buds in a morning x

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over 4 years

Thanks for the tip x it is so scrummy x loving these recipes. Always had porridge warm with honey before so this is a new experience for me x loved it

over 4 years

I know how yummy that will have tasted.... 😋😊

....But for me I made the mistake of running out of ground cinnamon and deciding that nutmeg would work just as well as a direct replacement..... 😬😬😬 not good!!

over 4 years

That's very yummy isn't it! X

over 4 years

They're addictive! 👌

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Looks yummy, hope you enjoyed it xxxx

over 4 years

Yummy 💚💚