Hi glow gals.
So I've played around with yoga and Pilates and still not sure which is for me? I'm mainly looking do develop a strong core and prepare my body for pregnancy (with the help of IVF). So which would be better for me at the moment? Any advice or ideas welcome :) xx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello beautiful!! Yes you can mix them up which I find is great!! Xx

Jenny Quinn
about 4 years

Hi Kerrie,
Clomid didn't work for me at all :( and I was so excited when they put me on it because I thought it would just work straight away. I'm so scared of the IVF route but if it is the only way then I'll give it a shot.

Kerrie Victoria
about 4 years

I'm in the same position. I think a little of both. Yoga is really good for the relaxation and Pilates for strength....although sometimes depending on the instructor I find that they can be quite similar.

Best of luck with the ivf. I'm going back to the fertility clinic this week as my 4th round of clomid has failed. 😓