Hi everyone,
I have been struggling with keeping up with workouts.....Still eating health but sometimes I am finding it hard to cook all meals on the daily plan. Working full time & caring for 3 busy boys has been a big challenge. 😬
I really want to try & repeat the whole program properly once I finish my 8 weeks. The other challenging think is that I am in Australia & we are just beginning Autumn. I think the next time I complete this program it will be winter & all meals will be really appropriate.

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over 4 years

Thank you for all your support. 😘

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

What you're doing is amazing babe please don't feel down!! You're following the meal plans and this is amazing!! Every small or big change is incredible xxxx

over 4 years

I agree just do what you can. Don't stress about it as that's not the idea. I try and cook some meals for the week at the weekend as most freeze and refrigerate well. Xxx

over 4 years

I agree your doing great, I'm 4 weeks in and don't manage to do all the workouts, just find what works for you! ❤️

over 4 years

Hey, don't worry too much about it! For various reasons I'm not able to do the workouts just now either - and I only started the programme on Sunday - but it's okay! My goal is to stick to the meal plan, move as much as I can throughout my day and then once I've found a good rhythm with the cooking, only then figure out when and how best to do the workouts. I think taking it at your own pace will help make the changes sustainable - rather than trying to fit lots in and feeling like you're failing, or giving up altogether.
So please don't feel bad! 🙂