Going to Italy for Easter weekend so it will be hard to stick to the plan. May have to repeat week 2 next week. Any tips for staying on track and not being tempted by the Easter chocolate binge? Lots of willpower! X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello beautiful!! Why not try some raw cacao bars like Ombar - you won't eat as much and it tastes so good!! Also herbal teas are great!! Liquorice is especially sweet xx

over 4 years

Oooh lovely. Enjoy yourself, don't go too mad and have a lovely weekend xxxx

over 4 years

Try to stick to lovely salads and lots of veggies for meals. I love Italy! Enjoy! ☀️😎 X

over 4 years

Just have a little of what you fancy 👍 don't deny yourself... Italian food is too delicious. What part of Italy ru off to? x