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hi guys! i really just need some suppprt here, for around 14 yrs i have my ups and downs with food some binge for anxiety and some anorexia until 15 months ago i was eating VERY well and i was happy with my weight then something happen and i put up 5 kg and i have been strugling si much losing them with diets and binge really want to get back were i was. at this moment im 125 lbs and 5'4 , i was 115 lbs

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Sophie Marella
almost 3 years

You're still a healthy weight, you're not overweight so don't worry about those extra 10lbs. Fall back in love with food, feel healthy and happy and the pounds will take care of themselves. We're all here for you 😊

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almost 3 years

You can do this and what is lovely is we can all support each other on here via this wall with comments and help! x

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almost 3 years

We're a team 🙂 xx

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Jenny Quinn
almost 3 years

Everyone's here for you!! Eating disorders are the hardest things to live with! I've bee living with them for over 10 years!! Following get the glow has totally changed my attitude towards food so I believe this is an amazing plan xx

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almost 3 years

You are in the right place. The reason i fell in love with the glow mantra is that it's not about numbers, or calories or good food vs bad. It's about making you feel good on the inside. That's what matters. I'm sure everyone will be here to support you. X

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almost 3 years

Hopefully this programme and community will help you realise worrying about weight has never done anyone any good, everyone around you loves you for who you are, not what you weight. Stay strong and stop being so hard on yourself... Glow girl! xxxxxx

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Emma jane
almost 3 years

You can do this. everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Anytime you are worried or feeling off we will all rally round the best we can. Go glow girls xxx