Has anyone else tried this deo recommended by Maddie? It really does work, however, after about a week of using it, my skin started getting irritated and now I have flaky skin. Anyone else experienced it? Xx

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Tiffany Topol
over 4 years

Does it contain zinc ricinoleate? I remember once I used a Tom's deodorant that contained it and the same thing happened to me - a quick Google search showed that a number of people had that kind of reaction to that ingredient (I believe that's the ingredient, if I am remembering correctly!)

over 4 years

Oh that's a shame. I was going to get that one but haven't yet. Xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous girl try moisturising after the shower xxxx

over 4 years

I use coconut oil for deodorant just pure coconut oil with a scent of lavender in