Maddie, because we do celebrate Easter at home, I'd like to make some healthy cake/ biscuits/ muffins. What would you suggest that I make so that it doesn't have too much impact on me doing Glow Guides. I saw hot cross muffins on your website, but it's got sugar in it, anything else comes to mind? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! Coconut sugar is used in the recipe but it's low GI so much better for you than refined sugar but I have the brownie recipe in glow guides too or Ombar chocolate xxxx

over 4 years

Good ideas! Thx x

over 4 years

I could swap coconut sugar for xylitol

Elena Gontarz
over 4 years

Hi Agnesl! How about almond muffins with strawberry chia jam Maddie recently emailed about? There is no sugar there, just honey in the jam...