Hi guys,

We’re about to release an update to the App and wanted you to know what new features are going to be added to Glow Guides. You can look forward to:

- Notifications when people comment on your posts
- Extra settings so you can manage the notifications you receive
- New ‘poll’ posts from Madeleine

The update will be rolling out across the App Store and Google Play over the next week, and we’ll post again when the new notifications have been switched on (to make sure you have time to update your App).

More new features are coming in the near future - watch this space for more information!

- Disciple Media

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almost 4 years

I have noticed that from meditate in week one there is no back button comes up - the only way back to the app is to close it down and reopen

almost 4 years

Read my mind ;-)

Susan McGarrigle
almost 4 years

Great news. Look forward to the improvements!

Kathryn Jane Richards
almost 4 years

That's just brill 👍🏼

almost 4 years

Sounds great! I would also love to have a section where I can see all my pics (and posts) summed up..something like "my glow feed" 😉

Emma jane
almost 4 years

brilliant x

almost 4 years

Awesome thanks 👍🏼

almost 4 years

Great additions - thanks!