Hey gorgeous glow squad - make sure you get next week's shopping done for the new week starting on Easter Sunday (keeping in mind the shop closures on bank holiday) . What are your plans for the Easter weekend? I want to know...comment below! I'm off to Manchester with Kieran xxx

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over 4 years

Going home to the countryside from College 🐣 Enjoy your weekend 🌸

over 4 years

Hope you have a great time in Manchester, it's fab for shopping :-) by the way I had to do a 'show and tell' of the things I'm passionate about during a team building session at work this week and took your book and talked about glow guides! you've got a few more followers :-) have a lovely Easter. xx.

over 4 years

Been invited for dinner by our lovely friends - so going to be a challenge but lucky I have been asked to provide dessert so hopefully I can provide something without so much sugar!! Any ideas??

over 4 years

Easter egg hunt with my six year old and his nanny and grandad. It's like being a kid again for me too-I've had to write the clues. Have a lovely weekend 😍