A few of you have been asking for tips on how to eat over Easter while you're on the programme. Let's get realistic: have an egg but eat it mindfully. Take your time with it and enjoy it. If you don't fancy an egg...don't just eat it for the sake of it. You could also swap your egg for the brownie recipe in week 8, some Ombar (so delicious), or cook up some refined sugar free recipes if you're feeling determined to stay on track. There are plenty on my website and in my book. Big love to you all this weekend xxx

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over 3 years

The chocolate bark is so yummy went down very well at my Easter Sunday lunch everyone loved it! X

Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years


over 3 years

Yes! Here's the recipe http://madeleineshaw.com/recipes/easter-chocolate-bark/

over 3 years

Looks yum - is this a Madeline recipe?

over 3 years

I have a week 8 brownie batch sorted and trying out your choc chip cookies from the website today too 😍 thanks Madeleine for all the yummy recipes xx