totally fallen off track ....over indulged, comfort eating badly and zero exercise. feel awful, so going to use that feeling to steer me back on back to the beginning and starting week 1 again today!!!!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

You can do it beautiful!! Xxxx

over 5 years

I'm joining you, although I was doing well I have had loads on in last 3 weeks so I'm starting week one again. Lost 6lb the first week but have probably put that back on! I don't think I'd be up to week 3's level of fitness!! Keep me updated and let's motivate each other! Happy Easter all xxxx

over 5 years

You have been doing amazingly. Don't worry. I had half a lindt bunny last night and two beers. It's Easter!!! xx

Lynn Watkinson
over 5 years

I have been the same. However just embrace any small change and build on that! Each meal time you can eat healthy is just one more time that your body has had some of the good stuff! It's not all or nothing.... Just good opportunities and the best thing is that the next choice is only a meal away! X

over 5 years

Don't punish yourself, negative thoughts like this can cause stress levels to rise which is unhealthy for the body. It's Easter and everyone is allowed to indulge. So enjoy a few treats and get back to balance next week. X X