When you try to do the crow pose in week 4 yoga and fall straight onto your face and spend the rest of the session holding a bag of frozen berries on your nose. Haha yoga fail! but practice makes perfect hey? 😃

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over 4 years

Def put a pillow down - I always do & I find if it's there you wont need it 😁

Emily Jane
over 4 years

Thank you lovely ladies. I'm ok, just a little bruised. I told my mum on the phone and she couldn't stop giggling haha. Might put a pillow down next time I try that one :) xx

over 4 years

Oh no! Hope you're ok!

over 4 years

Hope your nose doesn't hurt too much. Love the pic ;)

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Oh no!! Sorry to hear that!! Yes babe practice makes perfect xxxx

over 4 years

Ouch!! Hope you're ok!! X