Ahh girls I've totally come off the wagon. I never started as I have a major op this Friday. But I made a conscious effort to cut sugar and make better choices so when I did start it was much easier. However the last week my anxiety has suit up and I've lost all motivation. I know much isn't going to get done pre op. But I really need a push to change my mindset. It's been a while since I've felt this bad about myself and all my confidence has gone 😞

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Sian Jack
about 4 years

Thanks everyone. Trying not to be hard on myself. Op is Friday so just holding out till then

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous girl!! I hope the operation went well? So sorry you feel that way but it's not about changing everything at once none of us are perfect but small changes are amazing and will make you feel so much better. Any change you make is amazing. Also try meditation it will keep you present and help with anxiety by giving you positive thoughts. I hope that helps!! Xxxx

about 4 years

ohhh dont beat yourself up...you need to love yourself more than ever now to help your body get better. i agree with trying small changes...also how about trying a couple of the recipes even if you dont stick to the plan? they are so tasty and not only will they nourish your body and help it recover but they actually give you that feel good feeling which might just help with the motivation. xx

about 4 years

Try and concentrate on getting yourself well again after your op. In the meantime how about some small changes like drinking more water, increasing healthy fats etc as both will help with anxiety. Even just following the plan for one week has helped my anxiety. Good luck with your op, look forward to glowing together soon😀 xx