Hi glow girls & boys,
I have really lost track of the program being Easter. I was doing week 4......
Do you recommend I start from the start of week 4 or from the beginning??😘

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over 4 years

Thanks for your feed back. I missed the live chat as I am in Australia.
I was till 😴. Hopefully I can down load it soon & watch it. 😘

over 4 years

Did you see the live feed before? Maddy recommended just carrying on from where you left off xx

over 4 years

I lost my way too - was meant to be starting week 4 this week but as week 3 was half hearted, I've started from the beginning again. Personally, I think it's better from a head space point of view but it does mean you miss the element of (mainly pleasant) surprise with the dishes but does mean you can adapt those you weren't so keen on. Swings & roundabouts...

over 4 years

Hi I've asked Maddy that to answer on the live feed later, seems like Easter has derailed a few people! X