Just been diagnosed with leaky gut 😖 no more eggs, salmon, nuts, broccoli, spinach, carrots, quinoa, buckwheat, dairy, aubergine, pepper, tomato , asparagus , nut butter and figs. At least for the next 6 months, anyone else suffered from this. Tips and advice ? X X

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Can I ask where you got tested for this please?

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Look at Gweneth Paltro's book "it's all good" she was diagnosed with this and did a food pls following xx

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crumbs lady your really going through it x what is leaky gut?

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I took a gut repair drink daily for a few months, it tasted horrid! However I think it has made a difference, although some of the foods I was meant to avoid still irritate my gut every now and then.
But definitely give your gut time to repair and then slowly introduce the foods again. Best of luck X

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Hi Jen. I had severe leaky gut and followed the GAPS diet loosely for 6 months. Basically cuts out anything that can be aggravating and involves lots and lots of bone broth. I also took L- glutamine which was great along with probiotics. If you don't fancy making so much bone broth check out Great Lakes gelatin, I now have it in a smoothie everyday! Battling an eating disorder for so long left my gut damaged but these things helped so much xx

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Hope this helps

Also the non dairy probiotic is biokult and I would get the yoghurt that come out called Koko it's coconut based with live cultures too. U find in Asda they have coconut lemon and strawberry flavour are cheaper than the Coyo but has live cultures to help heal the guy


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Bone broth is meant to be awesome for healing the gut lining xx