I am starting on Sunday but don't drink milk and find just the thought of any milk type stomach churning? Could I omit and add the turmeric to something else?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello lovely you can mix it with warm water xxxx

Lynn Watkinson
over 4 years

I think I remember that the tumeric milk daily was also important for the diet to have the right calcium intake. That is why the rice milk is calcium fortified type. So if leaving it out I would check you have an OK calcium intake.

over 4 years

Madeleine was saying on the live stream yesterday that you could mix the turmeric with warm water instead x

over 4 years

Rice milk is nice, might be worth a try xx

over 4 years

Maybe try warm water with a slice of lemon in instead?:)

over 4 years

I could try making it as tea instead