Hello :) I'm new and have a couple of questions:
1) What sort of coffee is aloud? Will my regular skinny cappuccino do?
2) I'm off for a long weekend soon and already worried about the meal plan? And thoughts? x

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous organic good quality milk is fine along with good quality organic coffee! One in the morning is perfectly fine!! Enjoy xx

over 4 years

Enjoy your weekend like the others say. Don't stress xx

over 4 years

I have a cappuccino every morning (minus the choc sprinkles), but I use full fat organic milk. Seems much more satisfying lol! And I'm figuring that because fat isn't the enemy it's ok. Hopefully I'm right ha ha! As for your weekend away I wouldn't worry too much about it. Eat well when you can but don't sweat it too much if you don't stick to plan, jut get back on it when you're home xx

over 4 years

As long as the high quality coffee and it's before 12 your be ok