Hey ladies, anyone know any nice natural remedies to soothe period pain in the lower stomach area? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Great advice above, I love herbal teas and gentle yoga xxxx

over 5 years

Thanks ladies much appreciated! I know a lot of us struggle with the period demons

over 5 years

I find a slow walk and HWB best. If I keep moving it is so much better than just sitting down.
I've just started reading Womancode (Alisa Vitti) - it's interesting so far and I think that in theory we should be able to balance our hormones through what we consume, with the ideal goal of having periods that are completely pain free... 🙃

over 5 years

Shona actually just put a blog up yesterday with gentle yoga poses to do and other advice to help with period pains. Worth a read! http://www.shonavertue.com/vertueliving/2016/3/30/surfing-the-crimson-wave-like-a-pro xx

over 5 years

Ginger in hot water is good!!!

over 5 years

Hot water bottle and warm bath!!!

Lynn Watkinson
over 5 years

Epsom salt bath- Epsom salts are a mild muscle relaxant xxx

over 5 years

I used to love a hot water bottle. Going forward maca powder is good for hormone regulation xx