I have a real problem with food and this plan has highlighted just how bad it is!! I was probably a bit like a smoker who always says they can quit if they wanted too! But I want to... I really do and am so on board with glow guides and the concepts behind it and the medical benefits etc.... But I am just full blown addicted to sugar!! Relying on it for energy and emotional pick me ups. Even if I do the glow guides plan there are too many off piste moments and I keep falling off the wagon so to speak. Initially I told myself that it was my course.... It was a friend's birthday... It's Easter etc. However there is always something in my life to tempt me.... And I take it every time!! It's only trying to stick to something that has made the penny drop!!! Anyone else in the same boat and want to try and support through it... Anyone else beaten this and have advice??

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello gorgeous, a good trick is to have handy snacks on hand when you want to reach for some sugar!! My date balls are great for this and you can combine with herbal teas. Liquorice is especially nice and sweet and also adding cinnamon to thins can be great as it helps to control your blood sugar levels! Try it out and let me know how you get on. You can do this!! ❤️❤️

almost 4 years

Yep, same here...sometimes no matter how much effort I'm putting into this I screw it up with a massive chocolate craving. I feel ridiculous not to be strong enough to resist , but when you've had a sweet tooth for over 30 years you can't get rid of it that easily! I do feel like sticking to the daily dose of yoga and workouts helps balance it out, but as a result my weight stagnates rather than decrease...
I've got one week to go with Glow
Guides but I'll start again when I'm done, and I'm dumb (or optimistic) enough to think this time I won't fall off the wagon! ;)

almost 4 years

I am the exact same ! I don't really crave things when they're not there I just eat cakes and stuff when they're right in front of me. I just can't resist !
And yes, there's always something going on which means I have a lot of opportunities to binge... I'm starting again from week 1 on Sunday, I'd love it if we could help each other throughout :)

Elena Gontarz
almost 4 years

I so get you Lynn! Had a real issue with sugar cravings myself. But managed (well, so I think!) to wean off. First by having frozen fruit instead of chocolate and then by just stopping eating after 7-8pm. It was a struggle during the first week especially whilst my body was adjusting to sugar withdrawals but by the end of week 2, it was fine. I still get it some times but a date or a smoothie do the job! Keep strong, 'cause you can do it!! Have faith in yourself! You and your body deserve it! Xxxx

almost 4 years

I also get very tempted and can easily give in, esp when there are special occasions like Birthdays etc. And then it takes me ages to get back on track. So in my case, if I am strong and resist the special ones, I'm fine. Once I'm on track I can stick to it. But it's a big struggle for me too, so I know how you feel. Maybe try sticking to healthy sweets. Yesterday I had a massive craving and I had carrot cake smoothie from Maddie's website and I was just fine after that! Stay strong, it's worth fighting! Xx