Feeling so stressed out 😰, I have no idea what to do! My OCD and Anxiety are taking over this weekend 😩

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello beautiful! I'm so sorry you feel that way, it's OK. Why not try some meditation, positive affirmations and treating yourself. We are all here for you!! Xxxx

over 4 years

Thanks for your lovely advice ladies X
It's comforting to know others feel the same every now and then!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

over 4 years

I know it's hard when things seem so chaotic but even taking 5-10mins out for some controlled breathing can make a big difference to me - really calming. Maybe try the meditations in the app every couple of hours (if possible!), and when you can face the world then get outside somewhere calm (I know easier said than done) for fresh air and a gentle walk. If you're going anywhere with lots of people, put headphones on to listen to something to avoid distractions and to block out the busy hustle and bustle. I find music too emotive and triggery - so maybe find a great podcast that you can get really engaged with? I really like listening to This American Life, and also the Wittertainment film podcast xxx

over 4 years

Honestly I know that scary feeling too well. I like to read books when I feel like that. I enjoyed mindfulness made easy by oli Doyle good. Or reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig. Also I'm reading a book about perfectionism ATM and how damaging it can be. If you need to chat we are all here. I've spent days messaging lots of lovely ladies on here who have gone through similar things. So don't be afraid to reach out xx

over 4 years

Can you get out in the fresh air for a walk. I find this a great way to be in the moment. Good luck xxx