Hello ladies! Does anyone ever tried using erythritol instead of sugar before? I have recently read about it and it's supposedly a natural sugar replacement like stevia although with zero glycemic index. Comparing to coconut sugar which has a GI of 35.

It would be great to learn more about it and whether it is worth trying. Internet has loads info but it's so mixed!

Madeleine? 😳

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Madeleine Shaw
over 5 years

Hello gorgeous, I personally don't use this and prefer coconut sugar, raw honey or maple syrup as they're all natural and generally low GI. Everything in moderation xxxx

Elena Gontarz
over 5 years

Thank you Ladies! 😘

over 5 years

For my mum she can only use xylitol as she diabetic and had to watch sugar content

over 5 years

Yep I agree - if it ends in -ol it would be a no-no for me! 😬😊

over 5 years

Hi! I think it is a sugar alcohol and some people's tummies don't handle it too well. I personally would choose green leaf stevia over it, knowing that it is simple a plant leaf ground up, and therefore is hardly processed, while sugar alcohols are not a natural whole food--I don't think in small amounts it will hurt you but your body may or may not process it well--just have to test it for you probably!