Protein for breakfast is one of my favourites! Oily fish is not only high in protein and healthy fats, Omega 3 also helps improve your brain function when consumed regularly. I also just love fish and I love breakfast so double it up and you’ve got yourself a winner! You’ll be able to find this recipe in the munch section of the app. What your favourite Glow Guides brekky?

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over 4 years

Hi there, similar request for brekkie suggestions. Recently discovered in dairy, egg, wheat/grain (including oat, rice) and nut intolerant so really really limited. Trying to steer clean of fruit and sugar at mo to detox but hard. Last few days then cave.

over 4 years

Would you have any ideas for a vegan breakfast? really struggling at the minute and I cannot face any more smoothies. I love to have a meal first thing in the morning