Gah!!! I'm on week one and doing really well and have just been reminded we have friends over this weekend. Friends who historically we end up eating and drinking far too much with. How can we still be good hosts but stick to the program without seeming boring?

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over 4 years

yes if we have friends over i do the food and stick to my healthy recipes...everyone usually loves is my downfall but i try to drink a glass of water between glasses and if i have been good 80% of the week i figure im allowed to divert is for living x

over 4 years

How about doing the beef stew as that is lovely and you can add cauliflower mash or steaks. Maybe have wine and soda to reduce the calorie content. If you decide to just do what you normally do , make sure you enjoy it and don't beat yourself up and get back on track on Sunday. Don't stress 😊💚