Needing some ideas and help today glow family! Work has been really stressful and I'm doing my workouts, yoga and meditation trying to eat the glow way and I'm still super stressed I've not been sleeping well I'm really ratty and snappy at co- workers which I'm not usually like!! Feeling a bit at a loss as to what else can I do to try and alleviate the stress. Any ideas or tips or hints lovelies?

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I think it's just work were running up to a big work inspection in a few weeks and everyone is stressed and taking it out on each other! It is so toxic and really makes you feel awful!
I downloaded a meditation and spa music playlist Rebecca and started playing it in the office yesterday two co-workers really enjoyed it as well!
Thank you for the love ladies 😘

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Try listening to meditation sleep music, it should work to calm your can find different ones on YouTube, I go for the three hour ones which seems to work for me this can help let you day drift away and relax the body X

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Stress is so toxic to our body!! I really empathise with what you're going through. My job for the last 2 months has been brutal. Everyone is so nasty to each other and I swear it really affects ones over all health!
Can you take a couple of days off to rest and reset?!
Hope it gets better 😘

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What is it that's making you feel this way? Can you pinpoint it? Xx