I was so excited to finally sit down and read through my new Ready, Steady, Glow book which was delivered on Friday only to find that pages 145-163 are missing and instead are a repeat of pages 113-128 😭 Has anyone else had this problem or have I just been unlucky? On a more positive note the pages I do have are great and I can't wait to start making some of the recipes! ❤

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about 4 years

Hi Madeleine. Yes it was Amazon. I'm returning it and rushed out in my lunch break to buy a new copy from Waterstones! Also bought a copy of Gut by Giulia Enders which I've been wanting to read so it worked out OK in the end!

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Oh no how annoying!! I'm so sorry! Make sure you get a new copy to enjoy! Did you get I from Amazon? Xx

over 4 years

Oh what a pain! Take it back

over 4 years

Hey no mines fine. That sucks, I'd take it back to get a new one X