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Just made Life-changing spicy tomato soup from Madeleine new book: perfect after a 4 h drive home from Manchester! Ran my marathon yesterday in a respectable 4h22; suffered terribly from stomach cramps from half way, got dick twice after 18 miles but finished. Organisation was a disaster but all in all a good weekend! Time to recover now with healthy clean food!

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over 2 years

Congratulations! Amazing time! I'm running my third marathon on Sunday and I'm so nervous about it! I've had some issues with my ankles and I definitely haven't done the training I should have 😕 Also starting to remember how hard I found the others... Just hoping I'll make it through X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

This looks delicious!! Love this soup xx

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over 2 years

Thank you ladies... Soup was delicious but I seem to have problems digesting raw garlic! Will omit it next time...

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over 2 years

Well done you x I'm only tuning 10ks at the moment and aspire to a half/ full marathon one day xx

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over 2 years

That's a great achievement- well done! X

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over 2 years

Wow! Awesome! 😆 Soup looks yum too! 😋

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over 2 years

Wow well done 👏👏👏

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over 2 years

Well done! 👏