Is anyone seeing any weightloss / inch loss with this program? I know it's not necessarily the goal here, but given that my diet now is unrecognisable from what it was two weeks ago, I thought I would have seen some changes in the jeans department.

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello gorgeous, so amazing you're following the plan!! It will be doing wonders for your body so try not to worry about the weight it will come off naturally and eating and exercising this way will bring your beautiful body to its natural weight l!! You're doing so well and filling your body with so much nourishment 💛💛

almost 4 years

It will come off if you have weight to loose. Mine came off in fits and starts. Xx

almost 4 years

I lost 10lbs through the 8 weeks and another 4lbs since. Clothes got looser and now buying size 10-12 instead of 14. I think it will vary depending on your metabolism and what you ate before xx

almost 4 years

Which week are you on? I lost some weight, yes. And quite a lot of people said they lost too. 😀