Just thinking ahead to week 2 as I need to place my shopping order. What can I replace the beef with for the beef and carrot stew? No meat, could have fish, would like to avoid tofu if possible!

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over 4 years

I've added whole chestnut mushrooms before instead of beef to stews and they work really well xx

Ella Cockerell
over 4 years

I LOVE salmon, so that sounds ideal, thanks Maddie! X

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

You could include a firm fish like salmon or monkfish instead of the beef! Or add chickpeas to the dish for some veg protein xx

over 4 years

Me too. Not much you can change the stew with unless you add more veg. Xx

over 4 years

I just made a different dish from Maddie's book. :)