I'm on week two. Unfortinately I have to have a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow and don't think I'll be able to eat a proper dinner. Is there a sensible alternative that anybody can recommend for me please?

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about 4 years

Ahh I'm having mine out in two weeks and wanted to know this also! Good luck X

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous yes great advice above! Soup is great when you have problems chewing also smoothies are a great breakfast option. I hope the operation goes well 💛💛

over 4 years

Ah poor you. I would stick to soup soup and more soup for a day or two. Hope it goes well xx

Asha Chhaya
over 4 years

Awww Hun, I'd stick to soup for the next couple of days, I couldn't open up much after I had one out (it was a bit of a tricky one) and so it was literally soup for a couple of days. Smoothies would be great too - maybe not with any seeds etc because if they get stuck where you've had the tooth taken out it'll be a bit annoying for you. Keep your energy levels up! Good luck and seriously don't worry about your appointment it'll all be fine! 😘