Please can I comment on my digestion... Sorry but this is seriously important to me... I have a sluggish system that's sees me lucky to go to the loo once in a fortnight. Since Christmas I have had three separate accounts of impaction and it has been hell. I'm on week 3 of this plan (albeit not following the meal plan but other recipes of the same principles) and I have now been everyday for the past 4 days! I'm not doing this for weight loss but to help my innards and it's going great! I'm only doing 4 yoga as my iron levels are so low due to the impaction I can't do the high intensity stuff at the moment, but I feel like I'm mending..... So for that - Thank you Madeline. This app has been the best money spent. You really have no idea! 💕

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about 4 years

I developed a wheat intolerance last year which resulted in he same weird bowel movements going from extreme to the other. Cutting out wheat and following maddie a recipes has seen my whole body transform and energy levels rise. You will feel so much better xx good luck

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Oh amazing!! I'm so glad you're feeling better, I hope you continue to love the yoga. I love yoga for digestion xx

Kathryn Jane Richards
about 4 years

That's fantastic! X

about 4 years

Ooh sounds painful! I've struggled most of my life being constipated and never really realised it wasn't normal.
I changed to eating in the style of madeline in January 2015 and it changed completely. I definitely notice if I fall off the wagon (main culprit white bread!!) yay to be

about 4 years

That's awesome! I too have had bowel issues, not too bad but have noticed a huge difference being on the eating plan. I think it is about what I have cut out of my diet. I also take psylium husk tablets which help a lot (must have lots of fluid with these). Hope you continue to see improvements! 😊