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Glorious day in London today, sending everyone some sunshine and positive energy! I'm lunching in sunshine in Hyde Park, treated myself to lunch at Mae Deli @Deliciously Ella 😄

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about 2 years

Great photo xx

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Susan McGarrigle
about 2 years

Gorgeous pic. Thanks for sharing Agnesl. I love cherry blossom trees. Was saying to hubby last weekend I'd like to plant one in the garden. This pic has made me more determined to do it, beautiful X

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about 2 years

Beautiful x

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about 2 years

It's been lovely today. Beautiful picture xx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 2 years

What a beautiful day, I love the blossom!! 🌸🌸

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about 2 years

Wow gorgeous

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Kathryn Jane Richards
about 2 years

Blosoom out already?! Waw - not a single petal on mine here in sunny wales!