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I’ve been loving all your amazing transformation stories so much that I’ve decided to share them with everyone on the app - head to the Glow Guides programme and take a look at all the amazing stories in the new Transformations folder. I’m so proud of you guys and don't forget to keep sharing your inspiring stories, I'm going to keep adding them to the folder!

What's been your biggest transformation so far?

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over 2 years

I would love more meditation files too😊

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Gabrielle Amelia Reeves
over 2 years

Yay! We made the transformations board! ❤️❤️ Absolutely loving the new book Madeleine.. we've made our own new meal plans from it (after completing our 8 weeks) and continue to eat healthily but have speedy meals to fit in with our busy lives! Thank you 😀 Do you have plans to release any more meditation files?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years


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over 2 years

Such a wonderful idea to collect and have access to. 🙌 xxx

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over 2 years

Love this 😍 thanks for putting my comments on 😊

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over 2 years

Me too kate xx

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over 2 years

Love this new folder. When you're having a bad day it's inspiring to read how others have benefited, and helps you get the glow xx😍