Anyone know if adding a bit of feta is allowed? I don't consume other dairy products (maybe the odd but of coconut yogurt!) but I'd really love some feta cheese with my spinach or kale but unsure if I should..

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Ella Cockerell
over 4 years

Does this mean the local unpasteurised dairy milk is acceptable? As a very special treat? It's delicious!

over 4 years

Thanks Maddy! I always assumed it was healthier than cheddar or another cows milk cheese so I'm excited to be able to have a little in my diet 😘😘 ALSO Maddy I just made red cabbage steaks.. Where have they been all my life?! I'm in love 😍😍

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous, a little bit of good quality organic feta is fine. I occasionally eat raw organic dairy making sure it's full fat xxx

over 4 years

Yes feta is fine and so is full fat dairy if your not intolerant. Maddie has said before that full fat dairy can be part of a healthy diet X