Hello lovely glowers. I'm making chicken satay tonight but my minds gone blank on what to put with it!!! Any ideas guys?

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almost 4 years

I made these for my parents and my children with egg fried cauliflower rice. Everyone wanted seconds!!!!

almost 4 years

I'm so excited to make these as i became allergic to peanuts about 10 years ago and haven't tasted that sweet satay in a long time! Yay thank goodness I can eat cashews! 🙌🏼

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Great suggestions!! I love stir fried veg mangetout is yummy!! Xx

Asha Chhaya
almost 4 years

I've just made these! Broccoli and the sweet potato wedges from the book too! Also made the carrot cake muffins - OMG they're divine!!!

almost 4 years

Salad and sweet potato wedges?

almost 4 years

How about some rice cauliflower or normal or some noodles?