I'm on week 4 - been trying to get in shape for holidays next week by following glow guides food plan and exercising! Just been measured and these are my results from the last month

Arms same
Chest 1.5cm down
Waist 1cm down
Belly button 5cm down
Hips 1.5cm down
Legs 1cm down
Calves same

Face same
arm same
S blade 1.6 down
Hip 2.4 down
Bb 3 down
Calve 1 down
Quad 5 down
Hamy same

1.1kg down


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over 4 years

well done u!!@

over 4 years

Wow! Bet your mind feels even better! Well done! Xx

over 4 years

Well done! I love your username!

over 4 years

Thank you ladies! It's definitely good motivation to keep going!

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Congratulations babe 💛💛

over 4 years

Well done👏👏👏