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Just sitting looking through my lovely new ready steady glow. Doing my meal planning on a Saturday! There are some amazing recipes! Between the two books and the app I'm definitely spoilt for choice! Just wondering what has been everyone's favourite recipes so far?

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Yayyyy so glad you guys are loving the recipes xx

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over 2 years

I enjoyed the sticky prawns as well and the coconut mango balls are delicious!! I have a sweet tooth ☺️

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over 2 years

ive enjoyed the life-changing spicy tomato soup,fennel, cabbage and dijon-spiced slaw and currently simmering is the moroccan spiced stew....can't wait to try it as it smells divine. happy sampling everyone. x

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over 2 years

Fajitas, sticky prawns and Mexican beef amazing 👍

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over 2 years

Made the sticky prawn and quinoa today. Delicious!

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over 2 years

Yes definitely. I'm excited to try the fajitas as well!!! I love the roast chicken from get the glow and the prawn noodle soup from the website. excited to try these!! Would be lovely to see a pic of your fajitas later!!!!

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over 2 years

The prawn with quinoa and the goan curry are my favourites so far! Having fajitas tonight can't wait! Let us know what u try xx