Starting Week 1 (again) Who's starting today. I've realised that sugar is my downfall and I'm trying to get glowing to be a bridesmaid in August ! Off for a morning run and got friends coming over for the roast chicken later !

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about 4 years

started today as well! excited for the next few weeks

about 4 years

I'm starting today! I'm away all next week so food might be tricky- might be starting again next week 😝 but a starts a start right???

about 4 years

I'm starting today too! So excited! Sunshine is keeping me motivated too. Good luck to you all :)

Samantha Ward
about 4 years

I've started today too, feeling hopeful. I'm going to the cinema tonight though and I normally consume a whole tube of Pringles! 😳 I know, I know. Would you just take nuts instead? Won't have time to make anything.
If sugar is your problem, could you just make extra dates balls to keep you on track!
Good luck and enjoy the sunshine, friends and chicken 😄

Sinéad Lyons
about 4 years

Starting today too, and feeling so good and motivated by all the amazing stories on here so far

about 4 years

You go! I'm on week 2 and trust me it's not as hard as you'd expect. The exercises were a bit tough just keep pushing through you'll feel amazing (and sore). The date balls help a lot with sugar cravings. I admit i made two batches! Everyone loved em.

about 4 years

I aaaam!!! Today is my very first day! I am totally motivated and the lovely sunshine is definitely helping!!💪😎✨