Hello everyone! I've just started the programme yesterday and I already absolutely love it! :) The sunday yoga made me feel heavenly :)
I just have a question about fruit. In the first week there's hardly any and I am really used to snacking on it. Is it okay to have an apple between breakfast and lunch? Thank you!

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about 4 years

I made the balls- they are amazing! I was really temted to eat it before lunch, but kept them for the afternoon, since that's when the cravings happen :)

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello beautiful, this is fine if you feel you need it my date balls in the menu are also a really good option!! Xx

about 4 years

I'm not sure what's "okay" re snacking but i just listen to my body. Been snacking on apples, oranges even mangos. If you feel like your body needs it, go ahead :)